Suke Cerulo with moe.

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Suke's background as a professional musician and lifetime student of guitar make him a master of teaching anyone at any level in their musicianship. I came to Suke as a self-taught guitarist of 14 years and he not only helped me learn what I aimed to learn but he also clarified the musical vocabulary and theories behind what my ears and hands naturally knew. His lessons have exponentially helped me navigate the guitar, expedite my songwriting process, and expand my abilities to collaborate with other musicians. - Kaylyn Marie
"Suke is more than just a guitar player who is extremely knowledgeable (check his resume) and extraordinarily talented (check his resume!) He is an equally superb guitar teacher. He has a patient, friendly, encouraging manner that puts the learner at ease, and consequently makes learning a pleasure. Thanks to Suke, I have learned more than I thought possible about using modes and the what,why, and how of playing the Blues. Playing guitar is now more pleasing than ever, and it keeps getting better. I have no doubt that Suke can do the same for you."
Mike Lawrence
Before even meeting Suke, I was told how amazing he was as both a player and a teacher. Not only did I know this to be true at our very first lesson, but Suke has continued to exceed my expectations in terms of what a guitar teacher can be. He is extremely patient, knowledgable, humble and crafts lessons in a way that makes sense for the individual. His musical knowledge expands well outside of just the guitar, and our lessons very often touch on other areas of music that help me to continuously grow as a musician.
Suke and Derek Trucks at Hodown (1)
Suke Cerulo with Derek Trucks
Suke Cerulo Pat Martino
Suke and Pat Martino
Schleigho HoDown
Suke Cerulo playing Duane Allmans guitar
Suke playing Duane Allmans guitar